Professional & Experienced
Bookkeeping Services
Providing bookkeeping and
QuickBooks consulting  for  businesses
in the La Crosse, Onalaska, & Holmen  
Wisconsin areas.

Diana Pronschinke, Owner
Red Cedar Bookkeeping & Consulting, LLC
Red Cedar Bookkeeping provides business owners
support for their bookkeeping and QuickBooks needs.

Whether you have a shoe box full of receipts and need a
more formalized bookkeeping solution or you have been
using QuickBooks for years and need some extra support,
we are here to help you.

Our clients consist of one person operations to companies
with 50+ employees.  We can come to your business or
work from our office.  Red Cedar Bookkeeping has clients
we assist weekly and others we support as needed.   

It is important for owners to understand their financial
statements to make business decisions.  We provide the
financial statements and will explain them to you in an
easy to understand format.  

Red Cedar Bookkeeping has been in business since 1996
using QuickBooks software because it is one of the most
prevalent accounting software which provides business
owners easy to understand reports and financial

We want your business to be successful!  
Call Red Cedar
Bookkeeping today for complimentary consultation at    
Don't let the stress of paperwork ruin
the love for your business.  Red
Cedar can help relieve the pressure
of paperwork and bookkeeping.
Red Cedar Bookkeeping allows you
the time to focus on what you do
best!  Manage your  business, not
your paperwork.